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An international check scanner manufacturer.  I work in our “North America” division.   In the US, all of our scanners are normally used for “Check 21” image- based check clearing transactions.

On average, I am also asked several times a month, to provide a “data manipulation” and/or “workflow” solution.   I started working with Renovo in 2016, since then, I have been able to offer customers a cost effective, complete “workflow” solution using Renovo software with our scanners.   I mostly sell our scanner solutions info the financial markets, such as banks and credit unions.

However, with Renovo, I can now offer a much more robust data manipulation tool and have sold scanners to companies and end users, that I would not have been able to, prior to 2016.  We have been working with Fortune 1000 companies, as well as a variety of smaller, various vertical market customers.

Sales Channel Projects

Some customers just want to pull data off a variety of “fields” on checks and money orders, and some want to pull additional information, including handwritten information.   Renovo’s software has handled all the scenarios I have given them all these years and they continually improve and add additional feature sets to their program.  Customers save time and money using a Renovo workflow solution.


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