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As a national top 5 print distributer, The Sourcing Group (TSG) is presented many opportunities.  We are always looking ahead to technology solutions to present to our clients.  TSG handles various print and mail clients to send out bill, notices and statements.  One of the solutions that we presented to our clients is a lock box service, in addition to our data base management and mailing services.  RenovoPay came to our attention as a nimble payments provider that is willing to take on a challenge.  They are small enough to be VERY accommodating, as well as large enough to handle any size corporation.   Not only did RenovoPay build a Subscription Management system for 30,000 customers in a couple of months, but they also improved processes along the way, meeting all challenges that the customer put forth. A Lockbox Outsourcing service was also setup to process paper and electronic subscription payments . I am very pleased with our accomplishments and look forward to further growth.

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