RenovoPay’s software simplified our business’s payments process by integrating every step in one business solution. This in return maximizes our time and multiplies our savings.

Customer Experiences

Affordable & Responsive

“Wish all our vendors were like RenovoPay— Responsive, Accurate and Affordable.”


• “I have a Simple and Efficient operation.”

• “Accounts are automatically applied (400 items/day).”

Cost-Reduced Operation

• “We reduced our labor cost by $38,000 with PayData’s Account Receivable Matching.”

• “We have an Annual savings of over 1 million dollars per year. We now have an Efficient and Low Stress operation. (2.6 million items a day).”

• “We have an annual savings of $34,000 and increased to over 6,000 customers from 700 customers without hiring more staff.”


• “The only vendor I have seen who Shares Ideas on better ways to do things”

• “RenovoPay Continually Improves and adds additional features to our Solution.”

• “Delivers Full Reporting, Full Audit, and Timeline Monitoring.”

• “Received Feature, Like it, How did we get it?”

Customer Benefits

Affordable Solution

Easy Deployment

Responsive Support

Efficient Operation

Extensive Audit System

Effective Exception Management

Automated A/R Matching

Adaptable to your Business Needs


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