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I wish all our vendors were like RenovoPay, responsive, accurate and affordable. They’re great people !


This Trucking Company is being hosted by RenovoPay on Microsoft Azure


This trucking company receives payments with payment skirts with shipping information for services.  Some errors were occurring which took extra time to recover.  With RenovoPay’s on-line solution:

  • Checks and skirt transactions are scanned on a low-cost page reader
  • In their case, they rope the invoice numbers (single line or one column)
  • PayData retrieves the associated billing information from accounts receivable matching file (from SAGE) and compares the sum of amounts due in the AR receivables information to the payment amount.  As a result, they only have to key 3% of their checks.
  • PayData creates AR files for Sage Accounting
  • PayData creates a Check21 deposit file for the bank (in this case a very large bank)
  • PayData archive is available for reports and research

Hickory Point Bank


Hickory Point Bank was an on-premise partner and switched to being hosted by RenovoPay on Microsoft Azure


“RenovoPay’s product has provided our bank value. This has allowed the bank to process Lockbox items mailed to the bank, while also allowing bank customers the ability to process business functions/deposits remotely from their locations. The bank and its customers have benefited from RenovoPay’s solution through automation, full reporting capability, and full audit and timeline monitoring of the combined operation.”

Project Information

This Bank processes all types of Wholesale, WholeTail and Retail accounts

AAA Carolinas


  • Prior to RenovoPay, AAA Carolinas outsourced the imaging process.
  • The outsourced Lockbox was able to process AAA standard transactions in a timely manner. However, exception transactions had to be processed by AAA.
  • In 2003, AAA Carolinas management made a decision to bring membership payment processing in-house.
  • RenovoPay was selected based on its innovation and its ability to configure a solution that accommodates numerous business rules.
  • RenovoPay was known for great support and flexibility.

AAA processes Membership and Insurance

RenovoPay’s solution is used to process both standard and exceptions in-house as follows:

  • All standard and exception items are scanned together.
  • The exception items are automatically classified by exception type.
  • An image of each exception (business rule) is delivered to an operator for resolution.
  • AAA Carolinas’ Customer Account System is updated with all transactions.
  • All deposits are electronically posted in the bank using Renovo’s Check 21 solution.

Some Benefits:

  • 100% Browser-Based Solution enables operators to process remotely.
  • 96% plus CAR/LAR correct read rate is realized.
  • Increase in kills (i.e. 92% plus for renewals).
  • Transaction processing over batch processing increases operator flexibility.
  • Increased exception processing functionality.
  • Exception Management & Reporting.
  • Exceptional Image quality.
  • No re-scans or pre-annotation is needed for lightly printed payments.
  • Full Audit and TimeLine tracking is provided.
  • Complete infrastructure and operator monitoring available to all operators.




Most New Partners are hosted by RenovoPay on Microsoft Azure and some On-Premise Partners are migrating to our Hosted Solution


An international check scanner manufacturer.  I work in our “North America” division.   In the US, all of our scanners are normally used for “Check 21” image- based check clearing transactions.

On average, I am also asked several times a month, to provide a “data manipulation” and/or “workflow” solution.   I started working with RenovoPay in 2016, since then, I have been able to offer customers a cost effective, complete “workflow” solution using RenovoPay software with our scanners.   I mostly sell our scanner solutions info the financial markets, such as banks and credit unions.

However, with RenovoPay, I can now offer a much more robust data manipulation tool and have sold scanners to companies and end users, that I would not have been able to, prior to 2016.  We have been working with Fortune 1000 companies, as well as a variety of smaller, various vertical market customers.

Project Information:

Some customers just want to pull data off a variety of “fields” on checks and money orders, and some want to pull additional information, including handwritten information.   RenovoPay’s software handled all scenarios I have given them all these years and they continually improve and add additional feature sets to their program.  Customers save time and money using RenovoPay’s workflow solution.

City/County of Norfolk VA


RenovoPay has superior customer service unmatched by any other vendor we currently use in the City Treasurer’s Office of Norfolk Virginia. We having been using RenovoPay’s solution for almost 10 years now and are very satisfied with RenovoPay’s products and support.

The Sourcing Group (TSG)


As a national top 5 print distributer, The Sourcing Group (TSG) is presented many opportunities.  We are always looking ahead to technology solutions to present to our clients.  TSG handles various print and mail clients to send out bill, notices and statements.  One of the solutions that we presented to our clients is a lock box service, in addition to our data base management and mailing services.  RenovoPay came to our attention as a nimble payments provider that is willing to take on a challenge.  They are small enough to be VERY accommodating, as well as large enough to handle any size corporation.   Not only did RenovoPay build a Subscription Management system for 30,000 customers in a couple of months, but they also improved processes along the way, meeting all challenges that the customer put forth. RenovoPay also setup a Lockbox Outsourcing service. I am very pleased with our accomplishments and look forward to further growth.

City of Greensboro


City of Greensboro was an on-premise partner and switched to being hosted by RenovoPay on Microsoft Azure

“RenovoPay has provided outstanding customer service for the City of Greensboro since 2000.
Technical support is always a major concern for us and it is reassuring to know that we can always rely on the support staff at RenovoPay to be available when needed and to follow through until the issue is completely resolved!”

Bank of America 

The Bank resolved all their issues, reduced the staff, cut operating cost, eliminated equipment, eliminated obsolete databases, eliminated the need to install software on workstations and improved every aspect of the entire operation. Now with RenovoPay’s solution, the Bank operates an efficient and low stress operation that processes 2.6 million items a day with 10 OPEX Eagles and 84 OPEX workstations over two sites.

B of A Statement:
“I would much rather work with RenovoPay as a vendor than any other vendor. RenovoPay is responsive and is the only vendor I have seen who shares. ideas on better ways to do things. I have been with the Bank for years so I have had to deal with a lot of vendors and the relationship with Renovo is such a pleasure. In my experience, the usual responses I get from other vendors is “Sorry, the software doesn’t work like that”, or, “We’re not going to change it.” We have worked very well with RenovoPay and the product is better because of this type of relationship.”

Stonegate Bank


“Stonegate Bank, formerly Florida Shores Bank has utilized the RenovoPay’s solution for the past 7 years. We have successfully grown our lockbox line of business by taking advantage of the many features their product offers.”
“Recently we have decided to work directly with the RenovoPay’s team rather than through our core provider. Now that we have direct access to RenovoPay we realize what outstanding customer service and technical support they provide.”
“We can rely on them to be available if we need them and they are proactive in helping resolve any requests we have. They are very willing to take our suggestions into consideration in order for their product to exceed our needs.”
“Thank you RenovoPay for providing great service!”

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