Win with RenovoPay

When you partner with RenovoPay, you can expect a trusted relationship, quality customer service, and effective, cost-saving business solutions. Simply put, we treat your business like it is our own.

All Transactions Accepted

Unlike many other Accounts Receivable Solutions, RenovoPay handles all transaction types, including cash and checks.

7+ Years of Record Keeping

RenovoPay keeps records of transactions for seven or more years.

What to expect when partnering with RenovoPay:

  1. Scheduled consultation
  2. Customized and tailored plan is created to meet your needs
  3. Execution and post-production evaluation
  4. Revolutionize your customer interactions

At RenovoPay, our job is to ensure top-quality digital software solutions. We are continually staying up-to-date with the latest changes and advancements in the industry. We offer:

  • Responsive Support
  • Cost-Reduced Operation
  • Affordable Business Solutions
  • Easy Deployment
  • Efficient Operations
  • Extensive Audit Systems
  • Automated A/R matching that is adaptable to your business needs


You can expect a positive return on your investment within one to three months of enrolling with RenovoPay

We are continuously adding new features that are available to all clients

Our annual “Request for Features” allows our clients to request additions to software.

When a new feature is added for one client, all our clients receive the same benefit

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The RenovoPay Advantage

  • Reduce stress
  • Experience dramatic reduction in operating cost
  • Advanced features desirable by Treasury Management
  • Eliminate workarounds and pre-sorts
  • Greatly reduce manual preparation before scanning
  • Full-auditing and exception reporting
  • Experience outstanding quality, read rates and kill rates
  • Effective, all image-based exception management system
  • Operate large, high-performance sites with complete monitoring
  • Experience exceptional functionality
  • Eliminate risk with generic implementation (no custom code)
  • Provide exceptional image quality to your customers
  • Eliminate manual pulls except damaged items
  • Virtually reduce re-scans to zero with our image quality and advanced workflow
  • Reduce risk with certified generic development
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