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The Bank resolved all their issues, reduced the staff, cut operating cost, eliminated equipment, eliminated obsolete databases, eliminated the need to install software on workstations and improved every aspect of the entire operation. Now with Renovo’s solution, the Bank operates an efficient and low stress operation that processes 2.6 million items a day with 10 OPEX Eagles and 84 OPEX workstations over two sites.

B of A Statement:
“I would much rather work with Renovo as a vendor than any other vendor. Renovo is responsive and is the only vendor I have seen who shares. ideas on better ways to do things. I have been with the Bank for years so I have had to deal with a lot of vendors and the relationship with Renovo is such a pleasure. In my experience, the usual responses I get from other vendors is “Sorry, the software doesn’t work like that”, or, “We’re not going to change it.” We have worked very well with Renovo and the product is better because of this type of relationship.”

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