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One Business Solution

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Automated A/R matching adaptable to your business needs

One Business Solution

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One Business Solution

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Affordable & Responsive

Wish all our vendors were like Renovo -
       Responsive, Accurate and Affordable.


I have a Simple and Efficient operation.

Accounts are automatically applied. (400 items/day)

Cost-Reduced Operation

We reduced our labor cost by $38,000 with PayData’s Account Receivable Matching.

We have an Annual savings of over 1 million dollars per year. We now have an Efficient and Low Stress operation. (2.6 million items a day)

We have an annual savings of $34,000 and increased to over 6,000 customers from 700 customers, without hiring more staff.

Cost-Reduced Operation

The only vendor I have seen who Shares Ideas on better ways to do things

Renovo Continually Improves and adds additional features to our Solution.

Delivers Full Reporting, Full Audit, and Timeline Monitoring.

Your RenovoPay Partner Advantages

One Business Software Solution that is continually updated:

  • RenovoPay sends out ‘Request for Features’ to all Partners each year.  These features are added to Hosted Partners each two months. On-premise Partners will get new features in the next upgrade.
  • We bring most new Partners operational using existing features.  If the new Partner requires new features the features are provided to all other Partners.

A short list of features are listed below.

Expense rather than Capitalize with SaaS pricing

  • One-time configuring fee and monthly SaaS amount includes support, upgrades and generic enhancements.

No volume is too small or too large

  • The Largest customer processes over 2.6 million items on peak days.
  • Smallest customer processes about 75 items per week.

Diverse Transaction Processing Types

  • Full Complement of Transaction with or without embedded envelopes and correspondence

Complete Credential Controls

  • Including SSO support

Identifiable Audit information of all system functions

  • Operators/Users, Equipment and Business Processes

Monitor Wellness of all Resources

  • Operators/Users, Equipment and Business Processes

Duplicate detection

  • Throughout the entire business process

Diverse transactions are Standard

  • “Bankruptcy,” “Wires,” “Splits,” “Debits/Credit with signed balancing logic,” “Cash Tickets,” “Charge Off,” “Commissions and Fees”, “Garnishment of Wages” etc.

Image-Based Exception Management

  • Eliminates manual copying/re-scanning & other workarounds
  • Full auditing

Accurate change of address (CHADD)

  • False positives are minimal.
  • Both or either side of the document.
  • Actual and false positive are reported.

Eliminate Work-Arounds with Superior Image Quality

  • Busy Items including pictures, are easy to read
  • Lightly-printed Items like Money Orders and old invoices are easy to read
  • Gel-Pin written items are very visible

Unlimited Negative and Positive hot files support

  • Negative – Stop non-wanted transactions
  • Positive – Accept only wanted transactions

100% Browser-Based Solution

  • With full support of non-browser Equipment

Our Check 21 Depository Banks

Bank of America

Enterprise Bank

Metro Bank

The Bank of Georgia

First Victoria

Moody National Bank

Bank of River Oaks


M&F Bank

Bank of The West

Founders Bank

M&I Bank


Independence Bank



Jack Henry

M&T Bank

Comerica Bank

Mercantil Commerce Bank

Wells Fargo

Compass Bank

Wells Fargo and more.

Summary of Advantages

  • Reduce Stress to almost zero
  • Experience dramatic reduction in your operating cost
  • Get advanced features desirable by Treasury Management
  • Eliminate workarounds and pre-sorts
  • Greatly reduce manual preparation before scanning
  • Get full auditing and exception reporting
  • Experience outstanding quality, read rates and kill rates
  • Be effective with an all image-based exception management system
  • Operate large high performance sites with complete monitoring
  • Experience exceptional functionality
  • Eliminate risk with generic implementation (no custom code)
  • Provide exceptional image quality to your customers
  • Eliminate manual pulls except damaged items
  • Virtually reduce re-scans to zero with our image quality and advanced workflow
  • Reduce risk with certified generic development


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